Digital Signage

  • ]Display your menu and prices
  • ]Introduce new services and in-store deals
  • ]Change contents frequently without the cost of reprinting

Digital Signage

Digital signage can be a great tool used to communicate with your customers. Whether you’re running a monthly special or making an announcement, our team can customize it for you. Rotate your messages on a monthly basis to further your customer’s engagement. All edits to your contents can be published automatically through our cloud-based solution.

Waiting Area Signage

Knowing when you’re next in line allows your customers to wait patiently without getting agitated. Since this app is tightly integrated with our ZOTA POS, checking in your customer from the waiting list to a new ticket is just a click of a button. You can be assured your customers are correctly linked to each ticket during the checkout process.

Turn Detail Signage

Create a professional working environment and prevent any confusions. Help technicians keep track of their positions in the queue.

Are you ready to do Digital Signage?

ZOTA provides digital signage technology to customers at the lowest cost. Our goal is to bring value to our customers.

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