All-in-One POS System

The most effective in the US for Nail salons

Split Turns

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The job of dividing turns for nail technicians is never easy, this is one of the most controversial issues in nail salons. With ZOTA's automatic turn sharing feature, turning turns will become easier. The split turn function can be customized according to the specific needs of each nail salon.

And Payroll For Workers

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Nail salon owners will no longer have a headache with piles of papers and numbers when calculating wages for workers. Payroll function will automatically calculate and give accurate salary results of each nail technician, receptionist, and manager. This will help the shop owner reduce a lot of workload.

Sri Rewards
(Loyalty Reward)

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This function will automatically add some compatibility points to the pre-created account in the customer's system every time they use the service at the nail salon. Depending on the value of the reward points, customers can exchange them for services or discounts. This feature helps nail salons build a large number of loyal customers who often use the salon's services.

Review Manager
(Review Generator)

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All reviews of nail salons will be managed and monitored continuously every day. Bad reviews will be updated directly to the nail salon owner in the fastest time so that the salon owner has timely solutions to overcome the shortcomings.

Put Romance
(Online Appointment)

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Customers can book an appointment directly through the store's website or by phone. As soon as the customer completes the appointment, this appointment function will automatically save and lock the worker's working time into the salon's work schedule. In addition, the system will automatically send an appointment reminder to the customer. So just log in to the machine, the shop owner will easily check the working time of his shop.

Customer Check-In and Information Storage

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Check-in/check-out not only helps nail salon owners collect customer information, but also controls the waiting order before using the service. When a customer checks in, the system will arrange the guest's name in the order of first and last. As a result, customers will not have to wait long and the quality of customer service of the shop will be better. In addition, the shop owner also knows the total time using the service of each customer.

Mobile App
(for workers)

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Mobile app allows workers to download the app to their phones to check appointments, view daily work orders to see how much they have done. In addition, workers can also view payroll. This feature helps workers be proactive in their work.


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Promotion plays a very important role in the business and reputation of the nail salon, it can be a discount or a coupon. Therefore, at the request of the nail salon owner, the system will send sms or emails to old and new customers to notify about the promotion available at the salon. Thanks to that, it not only makes loyal customers come back but also makes new customers come more to use the service. Thereby increasing revenue and bringing more customers to the nail salon.

ZOTA POS integrates credit card processing
with the lowest fees, committed to
no hidden fees.




Is your monthly fee HIGH?
Contact us and see how we can lower your monthly fees.

The first wholesale credit card processing company owned by Vietnamese people

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As the first Vietnamese credit card processing wholesaler, we can assist you quickly with chargeback, retrieval, and dispute procedures.

Accept all forms of payment
(EMV chip, Swipe, NFC)


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ZOTA payment accepts current card payments with the best rate, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The company with the best 24/7 customer support


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We are proud to be the company with the best customer support team in the market today, always ready to serve customers 24/7.

FREE 100% of all Marketing services for ZOTA POS/Payment customers

You will save up to $1,800/year in service fees when you switch from another company to our company

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SEO Services

Bringing nail salon to top 10 Google
Local Search

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Translated as “Google search engine optimization”, this is the most effective marketing tool for nail salons today. Customers who go to nail jobs often Google the keyword " Nail salon near me " to search for nail salons near them. If your nail salon does not appear in the top of the first positions, you have already lost a lot of potential customers from Google. Because this tool is very effective, the cost to do SEO is often very high, but SEO is a completely Free service of ZOTA. Not only that, we also promise that your nail salon will reach the Top 10 in up to 3 months .

Social Media

Find new customers on Facebook / Instagram / Google

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SEO is a way of passive marketing, making your nail salon appear on the first page of Google when customers search for nail salon on Google search. Different from that passive way, Social Media Marketing will help nail salon owners actively promote their salons to customers through Facebook, Instagram and Google ad. With ZOTA, our marketing experts not only help you run social ads, but also design completely free posts, helping customers reach your nail salon more often.


Hosting and updating website content

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Nowadays, a website is an indispensable part of any business, big or small. Customers don't need to call the nail salon just to ask about the price or service because they can already find that information on the website. In addition, with the website designed by ZOTA, you can also sell gift cards online and customers can book appointments online easily.

How to Apply Nail Salon Management Technology Effectively?


Nowadays, in order for your business to grow, you must apply technology to your nail salon. However, applying the wrong technology, typically using too many incompatible systems will not help the nail salon operate more effectively, but on the contrary will cause more inconvenience. Let's listen to you… share your lessons and experiences before succeeding with ZOTA POS All-In-One.

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