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Translated as “Google search engine optimization”, this is the most effective marketing tool for nail salons today. Nail salon customers often Google the keyword "Nail salons near me" to search for nail salons near them. If your nail salon doesn't appear in the top positions, you've already lost a lot of potential customers from Google.

Because this tool is very effective, the cost to do SEO is often very high, but SEO is a completely Free service of ZOTA. Not only that, we also promise that your nail salon will reach the Top 10 in up to 3 months.

Social Media Managment

SEO is a way of passive marketing, making your nail salon appear on the first page of Google when customers search for nail salon on Google search. Different from that passive way, Social Media Marketing will help nail salon owners actively promote their salons to customers through Facebook, Instagram and Google ad. With ZOTA, our marketing experts not only help you run ads on Social Media, but also design posts for free, helping customers reach your nail salon more often.

Website & Design

Nowadays, a website is an indispensable part of any business, big or small. Customers don't need to call the nail salon just to ask about the price or service because they can already find that information on the website. In addition, with the website designed by ZOTA, customers can easily book an appointment online and be linked to the POS.

Review Managment

The shop with a bad review may be due to the fault of the worker, but if it does not respond and resolve it, it is entirely the fault of the shop owner. When responding to bad reviews, the shop owner not only has the opportunity to bring customers back to the shop and can make the customer change the bad review into a good review, but also let other customers know the shop owner cares about the customer's feelings. Managing and responding to regular reviews will contribute to improving the reputation and quality of customer service of the nail salon.

Professional Design

If you want your nail salon to become more professional in the eyes of customers, start with a delicately designed flyer sent to customers instead of papers with a lot of text. Only at ZOTA, you will be assured of the professional image of the nail salon in the eyes of customers through the free flyer/coupon design support service.


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