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✔ Integrated payment, POS, Check-in system

✔ Modern UI, best user experience for Vietnamese

✔ Our POS can work during internet outages

✔Lifetime warranty

Effective Queue Management

The job of allocating turns for nail technicians is never easy. This is one of the most controversial issues in nail salons. With ZOTA's automatic queue management feature, allocating turns will become easier.

Payroll Processing

Nail salon owners will no longer have to deal with piles of papers and numbers when calculating wages for workers. Payroll function will automatically calculate and give accurate results about the salary of each nail technician, receptionist, and manager. This feature will help the shop owner reduce the load by 70% of the daily workload, allowing you to spend more time with your family.

Book Appointments Online And Send Reminders

Customers can book an appointment directly through the store's website or by phone. As soon as the customer completes the appointment, the appointment booking feature will automatically save and lock the working time into the salon's work schedule. Just accessing the appointment booking feature, the shop owner will easily check the working time of his salon. In addition, POS also automatically sends SMS/Email to remind before the appointment date to avoid the situation that customers don't come.

Customer Information Management

The check-in / check-out feature not only helps nail salon owners collect customer information, but also helps you control how long customers have to wait before using the service, and understand the total time, service time of each customer.



Not only supporting easy nail salon management, ZOTA POS system can be combined with ZOTA Ultimate Checkin to help manage customer information automatically and easily.

Currently, nail salons have to use different POS services and customer management software, leading to product incompatibility and time consuming to get customer information. With ZOTA POS all in one, customers will save both 50% of time as well as the cost of individual registration services. 

Loyalty Reward

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Every time a customer uses the service at the nail salon, this feature will automatically add a compatibility point to the customer's account already created in the system. Depending on the value of the reward points, customers can exchange them for services or discounts. This feature helps nail salons build a large number of loyal customers who regularly use the salon's services.

Customer Check-In/Check-Out

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The check-in / check-out feature not only helps nail salon owners collect customer information, this feature also helps nail salon owners control the waiting time before using the service, and at the same time know the total time. service time of each customer.

SMS / Email Promotion

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SMS is the most effective form of marketing today with a message view rate of over 90%. Combined with storing customer information, you can completely create successful marketing campaigns to entice customers to use your services more often. In addition, for busy shop owners, we have a Marketing team that will help you create effective and completely free Marketing campaigns.