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ZOTA CheckIn

✔    Loyalty Points for customers

✔    Send SMS/Email marketing to bring customers back to the shop

✔  Never lose a customer because of bad reviews

✔    Still work during internet outages


Customer Information Management

The check-in/check-out feature not only helps nail salon owners collect customer information, but also helps you control how long customers have been waiting before using the service, and at the same time understand the total time. service time of each customer.

Loyalty Reward

Every time a customer uses the service at the nail salon, this feature will automatically add a compatibility point to the customer's account already created in the system. Depending on the value of the reward points, customers can receive a discount by the amount or percentage of the total bill. This feature helps nail salons build a large number of loyal customers who regularly use the salon's services.

SMS/Email Promotion

SMS is the most effective form of marketing today with a message view rate of over 90%. Combined with storing customer information, you can completely create successful marketing campaigns to entice customers to use your services more often. In addition, for busy shop owners, we have a Marketing team that will help you create effective and completely free Marketing campaigns.

Review Management

All reviews of nail salons will be managed and monitored continuously every day. Bad reviews will be updated directly to the nail salon owner in the fastest time so that the salon owner has timely solutions to overcome the shortcomings.

Automatically Send Reminder

What will customers think if they suddenly receive a Happy Birthday message with a coupon of 20% off or free service on their birthday? A message at the right time will help your nail salon score points in the eyes of customers and surely they will become loyal customers. With auto reminder feature combined with customer information storage system, we will help you automatically find and send birthday promotion via SMS/email. This feature helps you score points in the eyes of your customers.

Mini-Game – Nails of Fortune

Currently, many nail salons are very successful in creating games such as lucky draws and lucky draws. Today, this not only makes a difference for nail salons in competitive times, but also indirectly helps customers use more of the salon's services when they win. Therefore, ZOTA is proud to be the first company in the United States to integrate mini-games into the ZOTA check-in system to make it easier for nail salon owners to organize these mini-games.


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Our marketing team will work directly with you to come up with the most effective marketing campaigns. We understand the role and importance of advertising and the power of social media in today's world. With this service, we will bring your nail salon closer to customers.

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